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5 Uncommon Menopause Symptoms You May Not Have Heard About

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Menopause Symptoms

5 Uncommon Menopause Symptoms You May Not Have Heard About

Whether it is overhearing a conversation at your local wellness spa or at the doctor’s rooms, or even reading your favourite woman’s mag, modern woman should feel comfortable talking about their menopause symptoms. Knowing the symptoms that other women are experiencing can be immensely beneficial in helping you cope with this natural process when your time of transition comes.

You’ve heard it all before: the distressing hot flushes, sleep-wrecking night sweats and Jekyll and Hyde-like irritability and mood swings. Along with common menopausal symptoms there are also lesser known signs to be aware of.

  1. Itchy skin

This is one of the more rare symptoms women experience. It is worth including on this list as itchy skin can not only be uncomfortable and distressing to deal with, but also harmful to one’s health – excessive scratching has the potential to damage skin. Itchy skin can be experienced as a sensation equal to that of an ant’s crawl. The symptom can also make getting a good night of restful sleep a challenge.

  1. Burning tongue

You’ve heard of hot flushes but have you heard of burning tongue? This symptom is reported to feel something similar to that of burning your tongue with a hot drink. The burning sensation is usually experienced with burning pain elsewhere in the mouth. It is admittedly a strange symptom that is triggered by fluctuating hormone levels and is experienced right before the menopausal switch.

  1. Brittle nails

Another unusual symptom to look out for is brittle nails. This symptom is a result of hormonal changes taking place in the body. Dehydration could also be a contributing factor that impacts oestrogen levels.

  1. Thinning hair

Menopausal hair loss can be attributed to a number of factors that include heightened stress levels, reduction in female hormone production, iron deficiencies and certain medications. Genetic factors can also play their part which is why thinning hair is not one of the more common menopausal symptoms experienced.

  1. Recurring episodes of dizziness

Unexpected dizziness can be an unsettling symptom to experience no matter what the cause. As a menopausal symptom this can be experienced in different ways: your world is spinning, feeling unstable or a loss of balance and light-headedness.