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Menopause Relief

Manage Menopause Night Sweats More Effectively By Paying Attention To These 3 Things

While the beginning of menopause means that you can say “good riddance” to the ‘monthly menace’ responsible for back aches, nausea and painful tummy cramps, it does bring on a whole set of its own dreaded symptoms. One of the more frustrating symptoms experienced by menopausal women around the world are night sweats. Sleep disruptions aggravate an already challenging transition period for women. What could be worse than facing a long day ahead when you’re sleep deprived and your body is feeling as though it’s not your own? Similar to hot flushes, night sweats are episodes of excessive sweating experienced by women in menopause that take place particularly at night. Changeable estrogen levels and the imbalance of hormones during this period are...

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Hot Flushes in Women

The Triggers Of Menopause Hot Sweats And Ways To Find Relief

Have you ever experienced tingling fingers or find your heart rate is faster than usual? “This couldn’t possibly be the result of hot flushes” you think. The surprising fact is that these are symptoms of hot sweats that can be experienced at any time of the day and night although they may not be as common as other symptoms such as sweating in the upper body and a red, flushed face. Factors that contribute to hot flushes: The triggers of hot sweats are varied and some women may even experience hot flush symptoms before the full onset of menopause – a period that is termed peri-menopause. Knowing what these triggers are can be beneficial in helping reduce the degree of discomfort. Women who...

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Experiencing Menopause Symptoms For The First Time? Use These Tips To Make Your Transition Easier

Having trouble sleeping? Are you waking in the middle of the night and finding yourself sweating profusely? This common menopause problem can repeatedly happen each night and wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. Before you start thinking something is wrong with you, stop for a moment to think whether it could be ‘that’ time of your life. Over the years you may have heard of hot flushes and night sweats. But surely you’re not old enough? Menopause can happen before the age of 40 with 1% of Australian women experiencing early menopause symptoms. While much has been said and written about menopause and what to expect when it happens, every woman’s experience and the degree to which she...

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Menopause Treatment

Having A Positive Frame Of Mind Is A Crucial Factor In Aiding Your Menopause Treatment

A woman going through menopause can testify that this is one of the most challenging periods of her life. There is a lot to deal with - a range of uncomfortable menopausal symptoms from mental to emotional to physical – in addition to taking care of the family’s needs, caring for the home, running a business or coping at work. Women who can still find ‘me’ time in the face of all this can call themselves lucky. But finding this time to just be positive about life and living has been found to be a highly effective technique for women wanting to manage their menopause treatment successfully. Many women have found the following positive thinking techniques immensely helpful in tackling menopause: Breathe Granted...

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Chinese Yam

Chinese Yam Could Be The Answer You’re Looking For To Treat Your Symptoms Of Menopause

Chinese Yam is used widely for its beneficial properties that help women cope with menopause symptoms. Also referred to as Cinnamon vine, shan yao and Dioscorea polystachya, the herb with a tube-like appearance, offers women an effective natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy and a new way of fighting symptoms like hot flushes. Thanks to its medicinal properties Chinese Yam offers a natural remedy to women’s health disorders that include: Menopausal hot flushes Menstrual disorders PMS There are other known uses for the herb, with therapeutic benefits extending to maintaining liver health, lowering blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels and usefulness in acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. Hot flushes are the most common symptom experienced by many women during the menopausal phase....

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Using Chaste Tree to Combat the Signs of Menopause

Convention is no longer the rule of thumb for medical practitioners that are seeking ways of alleviating their patients pain associated with menopause. These days, herbal supplements have grown in popularity and the proof is really in the pudding with many women experiencing great relief when using herbal products to counter the symptoms of menopause. Chaste Tree is one such herbal ingredient that work well to reduce common menopausal symptoms. The healing powers of Chaste Tree have been used for more than two thousand years, in particular, in women’s health. The detrimental effect of menopause on a woman’s life is caused by a wide range of symptoms that include hot flushes, headaches and mood swings. Chaste Tree has been used to...

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How your brain changes during menopause

One of the common symptoms of menopause which when experienced and without explanation can feel disturbing is minor memory loss. In addition to the easy-to-identify signs signalling the advent of this transition period, such as hot flushes and irritability, are other less obvious symptoms that affect your brain during menopause. If you do find yourself losing focus or needing to rely on copious amounts of post-it notes to help you through your day, take comfort in the knowledge that this is a ‘normal’ sort of mental chaos expected during menopause. It is more about chemical processes taking place within the brain that you do not have control over. The Royal Women’s Hospital Australia reports that one study found 62 percent of women...

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5 Ways to naturally deal with menopausal mood swings

Have menopausal mood swings hijacked your life? You’ve tried various medications but none of them have been successful in getting rid of the symptoms. Consider trying adding some simple changes to your life which may support easing the symptoms Here are 5 simple ways to help support balancing hormones naturally: Diet We can’t stress enough he importance of diet. It’s so important in supporting balancing hormones which will help reduce negative symptoms. Choose foods that assist with maintaining steady blood sugar levels. It isn’t always easy but as we start to balance our hormones our sugar levels will be improved by making more selective food choices along the way. Aim to put more of these 10 foods in your diet; Cinnamon, blueberries,...

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A Change In Habits Could Be The Best Natural Treatment For Your Menopause

With so much contradictory information floating around on the safety and usefulness of standard treatments for menopause we don’t blame you for getting confused as to what the best course of action is. Adding to the misinformation are the constant news reports, each saying that having children too late/birth control/smoking and a wide range of other factors are all things that can delay menopause – or manage it – or get it over and done with quicker. And all the while there’s no relief to be found from its incredibly uncomfortable symptoms! While we can’t magically wave a wand to transport you to the other side of the menopause process there are a few things you can do to ease yourself...

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Perimenopause, The Preparation Signs That Menopause Might Be Around The Corner

While menopause may be a fact of life for most women, it tends to be something we shove onto that shelf labelled ‘later’ in our heads, along with things like “planning for retirement” and “the kids moving out of the house”. What many women don’t know is that menopause can manifest itself in many (often unpleasant and completely random) symptoms that can even strike before you hit your fifties – and it goes beyond hot flushes, mood swings and irregular periods. In fact, many of these symptoms might manifest in the months leading up to menopause during what is referred to as “perimenopause”, which is when the body experiences a nosedive in hormones in preparation for actual menopause. It’s this bit...

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