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menopausal symptoms

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Menopause Symptoms

Don’t Let Menopause Master Your Libido – Here’s How You Can Stay In Charge!

Female sexuality is said to be more complex than male sexuality. Some women describe the experience as a mind-body connection that changes depending on various factors from stress to mood to diet. So when treating a flagging libido, it may be worth looking at treating menopause symptoms holistically. Especially during menopause, a time of great physical and mental change. A study on post-menopause from the Women's Healthy Ageing Project found that at least half of the Australian women population remain sexually active well after menopause, but do experience some sexual distress, possibly from common menopause symptoms. When signs of menopause begin, estrogen levels are starting to decline, which in turn produces unpleasant physical menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats...

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Menopause Symptoms

5 Uncommon Menopause Symptoms You May Not Have Heard About

Whether it is overhearing a conversation at your local wellness spa or at the doctor’s rooms, or even reading your favourite woman’s mag, modern woman should feel comfortable talking about their menopause symptoms. Knowing the symptoms that other women are experiencing can be immensely beneficial in helping you cope with this natural process when your time of transition comes. You’ve heard it all before: the distressing hot flushes, sleep-wrecking night sweats and Jekyll and Hyde-like irritability and mood swings. Along with common menopausal symptoms there are also lesser known signs to be aware of. Itchy skin This is one of the more rare symptoms women experience. It is worth including on this list as itchy skin can not only be uncomfortable and...

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Experiencing Menopause Symptoms For The First Time? Use These Tips To Make Your Transition Easier

Having trouble sleeping? Are you waking in the middle of the night and finding yourself sweating profusely? This common menopause problem can repeatedly happen each night and wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. Before you start thinking something is wrong with you, stop for a moment to think whether it could be ‘that’ time of your life. Over the years you may have heard of hot flushes and night sweats. But surely you’re not old enough? Menopause can happen before the age of 40 with 1% of Australian women experiencing early menopause symptoms. While much has been said and written about menopause and what to expect when it happens, every woman’s experience and the degree to which she...

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