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Don’t Let Menopause Master Your Libido – Here’s How You Can Stay In Charge!

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Menopause Symptoms

Don’t Let Menopause Master Your Libido – Here’s How You Can Stay In Charge!

Female sexuality is said to be more complex than male sexuality. Some women describe the experience as a mind-body connection that changes depending on various factors from stress to mood to diet. So when treating a flagging libido, it may be worth looking at treating menopause symptoms holistically. Especially during menopause, a time of great physical and mental change.

A study on post-menopause from the Women’s Healthy Ageing Project found that at least half of the Australian women population remain sexually active well after menopause, but do experience some sexual distress, possibly from common menopause symptoms.

When signs of menopause begin, estrogen levels are starting to decline, which in turn produces unpleasant physical menopause symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats as well as vaginal dryness, inelasticity and discomfort – all of which can make sex uncomfortable.

Testosterone and progesterone hormonal changes can also affect sexual interest, mood and feelings of desirability. Some harsh medications prescribed to treat other menopause symptoms can also lower one’s level of desire.

There are many complex changes happening to the body during menopause, with various factors causing low libido. No two women are alike, and so the process of regaining control over your libido may be different for each individual. Here are some helpful remedies to try lift libido:

  • Regular sleep and exercise – helps to release endorphins, increase confidence, strength, stamina and feeling good about your image
  • Healthy eating – adding certain foods with soy and protein are said to help increase libido
  • Reduce stress – although this isn’t always easy to do, it’s good to keep in mind as stress can often have a negative impact on libido.
  • Quality couple time – spend time with your partner, communicate and work holistically on regaining your emotional bond.
  • Lubricant – vaginal dryness can put any woman off sex, a lubricant can help increase comfort and pleasure.