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Manage Menopause Night Sweats More Effectively By Paying Attention To These 3 Things

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Menopause Relief

Manage Menopause Night Sweats More Effectively By Paying Attention To These 3 Things

While the beginning of menopause means that you can say “good riddance” to the ‘monthly menace’ responsible for back aches, nausea and painful tummy cramps, it does bring on a whole set of its own dreaded symptoms. One of the more frustrating symptoms experienced by menopausal women around the world are night sweats.

Sleep disruptions aggravate an already challenging transition period for women. What could be worse than facing a long day ahead when you’re sleep deprived and your body is feeling as though it’s not your own?

Similar to hot flushes, night sweats are episodes of excessive sweating experienced by women in menopause that take place particularly at night. Changeable estrogen levels and the imbalance of hormones during this period are common triggers of night sweats. The body responds to this hormonal imbalance with the false assumption that there has been an increase in body temperature and produces sweat to encourage the body to cool down. You wake up to sleepwear and bedding drenched in sweat.

Help stop the nuisance of night sweats with these tips that are simple to implement:

  1. Check linen

Certain types of fabrics (synthetic) as well as the sheet’s thread count can make night sweat episodes worse. Check the thread count of your bedding sheets. The higher the thread count, the warmer the sheet will feel (higher thread counts trap heat), intensifying the night sweats and menopausal symptoms.

  1. Less alcohol at night

A glass of wine may seem like the perfect way to relax and unwind at the end of the day but menopausal women are encouraged to limit their alcohol intake as it leads to a rise in body temperature, not ideal when you are trying to find relief.

  1. Hydrate

Sweating causes your body to lose water which makes drinking water essential in keeping you hydrated. Keeping ice cold glass of water by your bedside will provide wonderful relief when you wake up during the night feeling hot and bothered. While we all know the importance of drinking plenty of water to keep a body healthy, it is even more necessary for women during menopause to increase their water intake throughout the day.

Don’t let the onslaught of night sweats rob you of your sleep. There are simple ways that may help ease and manage some menopausal symptoms. And while you’re keeping to these tips above, it’s also vital that your body receives all the right nutrients and vitamins available in the range of products offered by Harmony Natural Women’s health range of 100% herbal supplements specially designed for women. Take a positive step. Take Harmony