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Harmony Menopause

Harmony / Harmony Menopause

Harmony Menopause


Harmony® Menopause was the first product created under the Harmony® brand to help women going through menopause. Harmony® Menopause is a synergistic blend of Chinese and Western herbs plus vitamins to support women during the hormonal changes of menopause to relieve the symptoms of menopause (and peri-menopause) as well as provide nourishment for the whole body.


The nature of Harmony® Menopause is balancing, cooling and calming. It helps to relieve sleeplessness, irritating, and fatigue. Most importantly, this nourishing blend is used to relieve hot flushes, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms.


If you’re experiencing stronger symptoms of hot flushes and night sweats you may benefit more from Harmony® Menopause Max.


Starting dose: 2 tablets, twice daily until symptoms improve
Maintenance dose: 1-2 tablets per day

Or take as directed by your healthcare practitioner


Tablets can be taken with water or juice, before meals or at least one hour after meals. Discontinue if you develop sensitivity to the formula. If you are taking a course of hormone medication, seek advice from your prescribing practitioner.

Warning: We always suggest to consult your healthcare professional before use of product or if symptoms persist.

Available in:

60 Tablets | 120 Tablets

Harmony Menopause ★★★★

It worked. I had to take them for two weeks before noticing a difference. They worked great. Most symptoms disappeared. However after being hospitalised for something else, I forgot to take the tablets in with me, and after two weeks of not having the tablets the symptoms were back. When I came home I continued to take the tablets however they did not seem to work as well for me as the first few weeks.

Freedom Blooms

Harmony Menopause ★★★★★

Life changer. Ive been taking harmony for perimenopause for a couple of years now. Before taking it, I felt like an alien had taken over my body. I was not myself. Within a couple of days I was feeling great. Still get hot flushes tho, but not as many. Wouldn't be without this wonderful mix of herbs. I've recommended it to others. They feel the same.


Harmony Menopause ★★★★★

Guaranteed to work. I started taking harmony Menopause due to severe symptoms of hot flushes night sweats that were actually 24/7 moody irritable anxious, was persistent 7 days later my symptoms had gone and continue taking them and swear by this product.


Harmony Menopause ★★★★★

They work. Purchased for my wife who was really suffering and whole gambit...hot flushes etc. this product works...2 a day...all good.


Harmony Menopause ★★★★★

The best I've found I started menopause at 39 and 18yrs later I've tried most other medications for menopause, both script & natural - these are the best I've found....still occasional symptoms but much bette .


Harmony Menopause ★★★★★

No more hot flushes. Worked really well for me, nothing else helped but as soon as I started using this product my hot flushes and night sweats went down. Definitely recommend.

Samantha Jade


Each Tablet contains extract equivalent to the dried herbs: Rehmannia glutinosa root: 1.2g, Vitex agnus-castus fruit (Chaste Tree): 100mg, Angelica polymorpha root (Dong Quai): 200mg, Dioscorea opposita root (Chinese Yam): 200mg, Paeonia lactiflora root (Peony): 200mg, Bupleurum falcatum root: 200mg, Calcium hydrogen phosphate: 350gm. Equiv calcium 81.6mg, Calcium amino acid chelate: 50mg. Equiv calcium 10mg, Magnesium amino acid chelate:50mg. Equiv magnesium 10mg), Cholecalciferol: 2.5mcg (Vitamin D3 100IU)