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The Triggers Of Menopause Hot Sweats And Ways To Find Relief

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Hot Flushes in Women

The Triggers Of Menopause Hot Sweats And Ways To Find Relief

Have you ever experienced tingling fingers or find your heart rate is faster than usual? “This couldn’t possibly be the result of hot flushes” you think. The surprising fact is that these are symptoms of hot sweats that can be experienced at any time of the day and night although they may not be as common as other symptoms such as sweating in the upper body and a red, flushed face.

Factors that contribute to hot flushes:

The triggers of hot sweats are varied and some women may even experience hot flush symptoms before the full onset of menopause – a period that is termed peri-menopause.

Knowing what these triggers are can be beneficial in helping reduce the degree of discomfort. Women who are stressed or anxious or consuming certain foods such as spicy foods, can bring on hot sweat symptoms. Other triggers include:

  • Wearing tight clothing.
  • Even just being around other smokers can be a trigger.
  • Drinking caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

How to find effective relief from hot sweats:

Fortunately there are a number of ways to find relief from the discomfort of hot sweats. Finding a method that works for you is usually accomplished through a trial and error process.

  • Start with simple techniques like sipping ice cold water when you feel a hot flush coming on.
  • Wear layered clothing so you can easily adjust to how you feel.
  • Keep an ice pack within convenient reach when at home.
  • Clothing made from natural fibres such as cotton provides relief.
  • All-natural herbal supplements are known to provide effective relief.
  • Practice deep abdominal breathing for at least 15 minutes a few times each day.

Twenty to twenty five percent of menopausal Australian women suffer from severe menopausal symptoms. Hot sweats are a frustrating and uncomfortable part of the menopause experience, in addition to these tips, a natural medicine can help ease the discomfort or degree experienced when hot sweats do arise.

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