Four recommended exercises to add to your menopause treatment

April 29, 2020

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Four recommended exercises to add to your menopause treatment

Improving flexibility and mobility during menopause is important to ensure the good health of your bones, joints and a healthy strong heart. Moving around more during menopause may seem like a hassle due to symptoms such as hot flushes, fatigue angd low mood. While you may be disinterested in keeping active during this time it is more important than ever to include movement as part of your menopause treatment.

Here are some recommended exercises to include in your daily routine:

This exercise involves moving the arms forward and then the reverse. Doing two to three sets of 10 can give the heart a workout in addition to enhancing circulation in the body. Two great advantages of this exercise is that it can be performed anywhere: your bedroom or out in the backyard and at any time suitable for you.

Another great exercise that does not need expensive equipment. All that is needed is a bit of space. Start out with one to two minutes of skipping at a time and give your heart a workout. Increase your sessions as you build stamina.

Jumping jacks
Jumping jacks are a wonderful exercise for full body movement. Try fitting in a few jumps at different times during the day. Not much is required to perform jumping jacks, just your positive attitude to improve your fitness and wellbeing.

Sitting exercises
Not all beneficial exercises require you to stand. There’s no excuse not to do sitting exercises as these can be performed while watching your favourite TV programme. If the thighs are one area you find a problem then here is an effective exercise to give inner thighs a good workout. Place a firm cushion between your thighs and squeeze. Keep this one for a time that is comfortable for you. Another exercise that targets legs muscles is to sit with your legs stretched out and place a weight such as a book on your shins and then move your legs up and down.

These are just 4 simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience. Of course there are many other ways to turn ordinary household chores into opportunities for some exercise. Get creative about your menopause treatment – get active.