Harmony My Beauty

Harmony My Beauty is a premium complex formulation to promote radiant and glowing skin

Beautiful & radiant skin starts from within

  • Unique blend of four premium ingredients
  • Contains superior Astareal® Astaxanthin; a potent antioxidant, 6000 times stronger than vitamin C
  • Contains easily digestible marine collagen

80 grams | $45.20


  • Unique blend of four premium ingredients to promote radiant and glowing skin

  • Improves wrinkles, skin hydration and elasticity

  • Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails

Benefits of Harmony My beauty

Unique combination of ingredients

Contains superior Astareal® Astaxanthin to hydrate & smooth the skin

Easily digestible marine collagen to stimulate collagen & elastin synthesis

Inulin is natural prebiotic fibre to nourish gut bacteria

Silica helps strengthen hair, skin and nails

All natural formula


Marine Collagen

Hydrolysed marine collagen is highly digestible and easily absorbed and distributed in the human body. It helps to improve the overall structure, luminosity and appearance of the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.

Learn more about Marine Collagen

AstaReal® Astaxanthin

AstaReal® Astaxanthin reduces wrinkles and fine lines, promotes smooth healthy skin by improving skin texture, hydrates the skin and revitalises and protects the skin from UV damage and sun exposure.

Learn more about AstaReal® Astaxanthin


Silica helps to strengthen hair and nails, and also contributes to the architecture and resilience of connective tissue, playing a fundamental role in collagen and elastin synthesis.

Learn more about Silica


Inulin helps to improve overall digestive health while nourishing healthy gut bacteria, encouraging healthy skin from within.

Learn more about Inulin



21 September, 2020 7:16 pm

Star Rating :

Easy to take and great results!

I love this sort of product! As I have gotten older I have discovered that the best beauty trick is to concentrate on having the best health from within. This product is best as part of a regime where you concentrate on maintaining hydration and vitamin levels in your skin. Internal collagen seems to be very in right now and this product is an easy one to use. The taste is pretty mild, nothing too chemically or perfumy so easy to take in the morning. I found after around a week or so I felt my skin felt more hydrated and plumper. I have almost finished the container and I am happy to see lots of baby hair around my hairline - previously I had lost a lot of hair due to an iron deficit so I was really happy to see so much new growth

Any Tips ?

It is part of an ongoing healthy living approach, it is not going to be an overnight fix for a myriad of bad lifestyle choices but it will support a healthy living program and you should notice an improvement in skin, hair, and nails - make taking a supplement like this part of your daily routine to get the best results - the mild taste makes it easy to mix with other supplements.

Ideal for

Those who really are not making the most of their diet to maximise vital minerals etc (pretty much all of us).....anyone who wants to promote a healthy sort of beauty with strong hair, nails and glowing skin! I noticed results within about a fortnight or so - you do need to be patient and follow a skincare/healthy eating regime together with plenty of hydration and stay away from nasties like alcohol and smoke!


10 August, 2020 2:37 pm

Star Rating :

Amazing product, I will repurchase!!

This supplement is truly amazing!! I never thought I would be keen on supplementing my face/body/hair with collagen but now I'm hooked! I swear this product is already helping my skin and making it softer and I already feel it is making it more hydrated and firmer! The supplement comes in a convenient bottle which is easy to measure out my 1 teaspoon dose every day! Every morning I just mix 1 teaspoon into my hot peppermint tea and it dissolves easily and quickly! There is no bitter aftertaste either and I find it really easy to swallow. I almost cannot taste it in my tea either. Although, it is still early days, I already feel this supplement is working wonders on my skin which is already quite hydrated and in good condition but every woman still wants to look their very best! Can't wait to see what it does to my thick hair next! I will definitely repurchase this product as it will be the only supplement that I feel really makes a difference. Also love that it is Australian Made, dairy and gluten free!! 11/10!!

Any Tips ?

Easy to dissolve in any hot liquid, like tea, coffee and I even had a teaspoon in my homemade pumpkin soup - yum!

Ideal for

Any woman wanting to look their very best - even if you already have good hydrated skin and thick healthy hair!


9 September, 2020 1:20 pm

Star Rating :

Real results

After using My Beauty daily for 4 weeks I noticed a real improvement to the look and feel of my skin, my hair and my nails. My skin felt softer, dewey and hydrated. I noticed it looked more alive and vibrant with a softening of the fine wrinkles. My nails are stronger and have definitely grown longer and my hair shines. My hair has also grown quicker than usual. My Beauty is very easy to include in your daily diet, east to add to a variety of drinks like water, juice, smoothies even coffee and tea. It dissolves very easily and it is also nice mixed into Greek yoghurt. There is no unappealing after taste which is a bonus with supplements. It has no real flavour which makes it super easy to add to all drinks. My tummy feels healthier too after including My Beauty into my diet.

Any Tips ?

Add to every type of drink Mix into Greek yoghurt for variety

Ideal for

If you are seeking healthier nails and hair. If you are looking for a easy way to improve the look and feel of your skin


21 September, 2020 1:24 pm

Star Rating :

Great results

I was very happy with the results of the Harmony My Beauty Marine Collagen powder. I'd never taken a collagen supplement before, but I had been reading a bit about them. This powder is pink in colour and you only need to use a teaspoon per serve (once a day). I took this religiously for just over a month - added a teaspoon to my smoothies mostly but also tried it in my coffee and in my water bottle. I noticed the powder did change the taste of my coffee and my powder just slightly. It was a very mild ocean taste - sounds weird but it was so mild, it wasn't that much of a bother. I did prefer to use this in my smoothies though, as I didn't notice any change in taste there. In the five or so weeks I used this, my skin was very even-toned and very healthy looking, I'd say almost a 'glow'. This is despite being stuck indoors due to winter and Covid19 lockdowns, disrupted sleep and comfort eating/drinking due to stress. So, while my skin should have looked terrible, it didn't, it actually looked really good for how I was treating myself and I credit that to Harmony My Beauty.

Any Tips ?

Add to your smoothies or protein shakes.


22 September, 2020 9:14 am

Star Rating :

If you haven't tried it you need to!

Harmony My Beauty is a health supplement powder with ingredients known to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, improve skin texture, support skin hydration and protect the skin against the effects of UV damage. The product comes in a screw top container with detailed usage instructions. The powder is a pinkish colour and scentless which is great given it's a marine collagen. You can take this product a number of ways but I like to mix it with my juice or smoothie in the morning and found this was an easy way to integrate the product into my every day routine. As are most people I've been particularly stressed in 2020 and have found that my skin has been playing up and my hair is dull and life-less. I've been using every topical product under the sun but this ingestible product is the first thing that's helped! After 6 weeks of using the product my hair is noticeably shiny and my skin has improved ten fold. I've also noticed my nails getting longer as they aren't breaking as easily.

Ideal for

I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an all rounder ingestible health and beauty product.


Mix 4g (1 teaspoon) daily into a hot or cold beverage of your choice, such as water, juice, smoothie, tea, coffee or yoghurt.
Harmony My Beauty can be taken ongoing as needed to assist with collagen and elastin synthesis.
You should start to see a significant improvement in your skin elasticity, moisture and eye wrinkle volume after consistent daily consumption of Harmony My Beauty for 4 weeks*. Full effects may take 8 weeks*. *Proksch et al; Oral Supplementation of Specific Collagen Peptides Has Beneficial Effects on Human Skin Physiology: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study; Skin Pharmacology and Physiology 2014; 27:47-55.
Collagen is a major structural component of skin comprising about 80% of dry skin weight. Loss of collagen starts at approximately 30 years and significant increases after menopause (2% p.a.) Topical creams only target epidermis layer of the skin, mainly just filling in the gaps making results temporary. Oral collagen targets dermal layer of the skin and work upwards to the epidermis to improve skin appearance with results longer lasting.
Harmony My Beauty has not much of a taste or odour. You can enjoy 1 teaspoon daily with hot or cold beverages such as water, juice, smoothie, tea, coffee or yoghurt. Ingredients Active Ingredients Natural ingredients per serve (4g) Hydrolysed marine collagen 3 g AstaReal® (Astaxanthin ester extract from Haematococcus pluvialis (CPO-C Astaxanthin 3%)) 133.3 mg Equivalent to astaxanthin 4 mg Colloidal silica anhydrous 450 mg Equivalent to silicon 219.2 mg   Inulin 416.7 mg Concerns/Interactions Is Harmony My Beauty gluten free?   Yes, Harmony My Beauty is gluten and dairy free with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Pregnancy/Breastfeeding/Children/Infants
There is no evidence to suggest that taking Harmony My Beauty is not safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However as a precaution we always advise consulting with your primary health care professional if pregnant or breastfeeding.\
We source the best quality ingredients from around the world, including Europe, Australia, China, USA & Thailand.
Hydrolysed collagen is highly digestible and is easily absorbed and distributed in the human body, compared to non-hydrolysed collagen forms. *Proksch et al; Oral Supplementation of Specific Collagen Peptides Has Beneficial Effects on Human Skin Physiology: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study; Skin Pharmacology and Physiology 2014; 27:47-55.
Verisol collagen contains bioactive collagen peptides to stimulate the skin cells to product more collagen. As a clinically trialled fish based collagen we wanted to use this premium ingredient to enhance visible skin results (in as little as four weeks).
Marine collagen, in particular Verisol Fish collagen, with its bioactive fish peptides is more bioavailable and is particularly suited to stimulate the skin cells. Marine collagen is made from fish skin and scales. Bovine collagen typically supports other tissue types such as joints, nails, gut health and can enhance exercise recovery. Bovine collagen contains both type 1 and 3 collagen. Bovine collagen is made from cow hides. Rodŕiguez et al; Collagen: A review on its sources and potential cosmetic applications; Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology; 2018; 17:20-26.
The inulin in Harmony My Beauty is extracted from Chicory plant. Inulin, a plant-based carbohydrate helps to promote beneficial gut bacteria, encouraging healthy skin from within.
Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is shown to provide significant improvements in skin hydration, fine lines & wrinkles. AstaReal® Astaxanthin is the most clinically researched Astaxanthin with 150 published studies and 70 clinical studies. It also has the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) of natural carotenoids, meaning it has the highest antioxidant powder of natural carotenoids. E. Yamashita; The effects of a dietary supplement containing astaxanthin on skin condition; Carotenoid Science: An interdisciplinary journal of research on carotenoids, 2006, Vol 10, pages 91-95.

Where else can you buy Harmony products?

And all good independent pharmacies and health food stores.


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