Lipstick, Mascara and Hormones

August 20, 2020

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Lipstick, Mascara and Hormones

Author:  Susan Gianevsky, an advocate for natural health solutions for women of all ages.


Our lips determine how our words are spoken, our eyes see the world and our hormones dictate how we speak and interact with our world every day. How does your view look today?

I realised today that I have been wearing lipstick & mascara for 35 years and I’ve never stopped even during this pandemic. I have more time now more than ever before to be mindfully applying my lipstick and mascara. I don’t know about you, but I just love buying lip gloss. I’ve been addicted to gloss as my lips always feel moisturised after applying it on. I have been very creative with the colours I choose from pinks to browns but for some reason never reds. I wonder if this is habit…just used to feeling comfortable in my own skin. I feel boring with my choices sometimes as I look the same every day; same with mascara (always have good quality mascara). Why is it that we are so into lipstick and mascara yet when asked about hormones we think WHAT & why should I think about them!!!

Why we should take time to understand our hormones

There is one thing I know and that is if we as women spent as much time wondering about our hormones as we do in choosing lip colours we would all realise that our hormones can brighten our day more than any lipstick/ lip gloss can.

In this pandemic I’m wearing a face mask that I put on every time I leave the house, but I still go through my routine of applying lipliner and then lip gloss. No one can see it under my mask, but I feel naked with bare lips. It’s just something I do, somewhat of a ritual that completes me. My mascara is heavier these days as I know my eyes are the only feature exposed as the mask pretty much covers up my face. I have also brought out my bright eyeshadows.

If your hormones were a colour what colour would they be? How do you know your hormones need fine tuning? Let me start by asking what sort of cycle do you experience; painful, irregular, wish it skipped for a month or you do not notice you have it. Just as preparing your lips before applying lipstick and eyelashes before applying your favourite mascara your hormones need to be prepared and stand out as part of your care routine.

Your hormones are the essence of YOU! Think of progesterone and oestrogen as your internal lipstick and mascara highlighting your two most important features. I don’t know about you BUT lipstick and mascara give me a boost as do balanced hormones.

Having taken care of my hormones in my 30’s my 40’s were easy to manage as I prepared for the most feared phase PERI menopause & my 50’s. I don’t think of my age these days but I do think of finding moisturising lip glosses and mascara that will make my eyelashes look thicker.

Herbs are gifts from nature and have been around longer than lipstick and mascara. I am so glad that I realised combining key herbs such as Peony, Vitex, Dong Quai, Angelica root…weave their synergy knowing the language my hormones speak. I know my hormones are balanced even before I put my lipstick on each morning as I wake up energised, having slept well with no hot flushes or night sweats. I’m just happy being a woman and being able to select different eyeshadow colours to create more impact with my eyes before I put on my mascara for the day.

Tomorrow morning before you apply your lipstick and mascara for the day ask yourself are your hormones backing you? Are they happy or are they making you irritable, anxious, hot, angry, sad and not enjoying being a woman?

What if I said that balancing your hormones can be as easy as applying lipstick and mascara every morning – ask me why!