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Worried About Perimenopause Weight Gain? Try Using These 4 Tips

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Worried About Perimenopause Weight Gain? Try Using These 4 Tips

Weight gain is a common concern with women worldwide. Managing perimenopause weight gain requires a different approach to typical weight gain issues, as hormonal and metabolism changes in your body may trigger an increase in weight. This is often not in your control and while dieting and exercise do help, your perimenopause weight treatment plan requires a bit more willpower.

The perimenopause weight gain difference

Perimenopause weight gain can be more challenging because the hormonal changes taking place begin to influence the way your body works, so what are the potential causes of perimenopause weight gain? :

  • The decreasing oestrogen levels from ovaries make body fat the next important source for its production. This results in the body storing more fat.
  • The body is more vulnerable to stress, glucose imbalances and high cortisol levels.
  • Previous food choices become an influencing factor as a diet rich in processed foods and sugar lead to insulin resistance in perimenopause weight gain.
  • Stress hormones begin to struggle to remain in balance, and cortisol hinders weight loss.

How to manage perimenopause weight gain?

  1. Avoid foods that promote insulin resistance such as those high in sugar, white flour and processed foods.
  2. Add more protein and fibre to your diet to keep sugar levels in check.
  3. Be happier. Find effective and healthy ways to cope with stress such as gentle exercises and freeing up time to do what you love.
  4. Supply your body with nutrient-rich foods and herbal supplements with vitamins and minerals that encourage oestrogen production.
  5. Note that extreme exercising and intense dieting are counterproductive as it leads to more cortisol production.

If you’ve exhausted all efforts in dealing with perimenopause weight gain, just simply listen to your body, be kind to yourself, or buy some new flattering clothes that fit your figure rather than punishing yourself to try and fit into old ones.